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ProTrack Speakers Academy

NSA Ohio’s Premier Program for Professional Speaker Development


Ready to Take Your Speaking Business to the Next Level?


Who Should Participate?

Emerging Speakers

Mid-level Speakers

Seasoned Professional Speakers

You and a team of engaged participants work together with successful professional speakers in this highly effective action group format to move your speaking to the next level.

ProTrack offers information and tools for progress no matter if you are a beginner or an accomplished professional.

ProTrack will give you a priceless opportunity to jump on a fast-track for growth and development.

Next session starts Fall 2019


What Will You Learn?

ProTrack is designed to help you set a specific professional speaking goal and take concrete steps to achieve it.
develop and improve your presentation skills and platform mechanics learn about what really works in the “business” of speaking discover how to create speeches that are engaging and invite more business understand how to organize your business so you maximize your time and receive more speaking opportunities receive professional support and accountability increase overall confidence and proficiency as a speaker receive structure and systems to optimize your long-term success.

The courses and assignments of the program are designed for learning and application that directly apply to speaking business success. Participants will engage themselves in learning through exploration of best practices and immediate application in their business. Through this accelerated program, participants who have become professional speakers sooner and have created businesses that have endured longer than those who have not chosen formal assistance.

“My ProTrack experience stretched my horizons. ProTrack was a powerful and supportive learning community. The information and training were practical and personal  – “ an efficacious combination.” 
–  Kendall C. Wright, NSA Ohio President 2006-2007

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